Setting up FluenceXL Web Edition manually

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Setting up FluenceXL Web Edition is usually done using the FluenceXL Web Edition Installer. Manual setup may be required if:

  • During the setup process, the Add FluenceXL Web Edition to IIS checkbox was unselected
  • Your web server is set up in a non-standard configuration, especially where the Default Web Site has been modified
  • You wish to create the web application yourself for whatever reason

Note that in the non-standard configuration, you may receive the following error message from the setup program: Failed while processing WebVirtualDirs. (-2147024894)

In any of these cases, the setup program will have copied the application files to the web server, but you will have to create the site yourself. To do this:

  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager (inetmgr.exe)
  2. Under the Application Pools node, ensure that the FluenceXL application pool has been set up. It must be configured to use v4.0 of the .NET Framework and use the Classic pipeline mode.
  3. Under the Sites node, open the website in which FluenceXL Web Edition should be made available (usually the Default Web Site).
  4. Usually the FluenceXLWeb Virtual Directory will already exist within the website. If this is the case, then right-click on it and select Convert to Application. If not, right-click on the website instead and select Add Application...
  5. In the Add Application dialog, ensure that the FluenceXL application pool is selected and, if necessary, choose the correct path.

This will set up the application's web site. Further security setup and other configuration will likely be necessary.