Drilling in Grids

Drilling up and down is probably the simplest OLAP technique to master: it is simply a way of expanding and collapsing the cells in a Grid report to show their component parts. Row or column members can be drilled down to show the child members on the level below, or drilled up again to hide them.

To drill down on a cell, double-click on it. The following shows what happens when you double-click on the All Customer cell:

GridDrilling1.png GridDrilling2.png

Double-clicking on the cell again returns the Grid to its previous state.

Drilling Options

Grid Properties > Appearance > Show drill indicator
If a member is drillable, a symbol can be displayed before the member's caption:
+ Member can be drilled down
- Member can be drilled up
Member cannot be drilled
Grid Properties > Appearance > Indent members when drilling
The indentation of the members in a Grid reflects what level they are on if this option is selected. The size of indentation can also be adjusted.

Drill Across

New in Version 7.6

The drill across menu allows you to expand the grid using a dimension that isn't currently in the grid. In this example we expand the data for 2022 by drilling into the promotions.


The data is filtered to 2022, and drilled into the promotions.


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