Web Publishing

To publish reports from FluenceXL you will need to have FluenceXL Web installed on an appropriate server. The publication process is very straightforward and any report that can be opened in your FluenceXL enabled version of Excel can be published.

Video demonstration

Click here for videos showing web publishing.

Publication Process

To begin the publication process first open the FluenceXL report and select the Publish to Web ribbon item (or the FluenceXL > Publish to Web menu option in Excel 2003 and below) in Excel. This will display the Publish dialog:


The dialog allows you to connect to an FluenceXL Web server and select where the current report should be published. The detailed steps are outlined below:

  1. Connect to the server you want to publish to:
  2. Enter the name of the FluenceXL Web server you want to connect to in the Server Address field. This will depend on how you have installed the FluenceXL Web software on your server.
    Click Connect, and if connection is successful the folders available on the server will be displayed in the box below.

  3. Enter the Report details:
  4. Type in the Name that you want to give the report. The Name will appear in the Navigation tree view and on the report's tab.

  5. Select where to publish:
  6. Navigate through the folders on the server to find the location you want. The report will be published to the folder that is currently highlighted.
    Existing reports are also shown in the tree. If an existing report is highlighted, then FluenceXL will attempt to replace it with the published report.
    Depending on how your Administrator has configured the FluenceXL Web Server it is quite possible that although you may be able to see a folder, you may not have the required security privileges to actually write (publish) to that directory. If this is the case a message will be displayed informing you that publication was not possible and you must select a folder to which you do have write permission. Contact your System Administrator to discuss permissions further.

  7. Choose options:
  8. Publish & View causes FluenceXL to open the published report in your web browser when the publication process is finished.

  9. Publish:
  10. You can click the Preview button to allow you to view the report in a browser without permanently publishing it to the server. A new browser window is opened when this option is selected.
    Click the Publish button to actually publish the report to the server. On successful completion a message is displayed confirming that the report will now be available in FluenceXL Web repository.

If you see a message saying:

"The maximum number of rows that can be published is 1000. Sheet1 has xxx rows".

please see the Publishing more than 1000 rows page.

Manage Repository

You can right-click to manage your Repository folders. The following options are available:

  • Rename – renames the currently selected folder
  • Add Sub Folder – adds a new sub-folder beneath the currently selected folder
  • Add Top Level Folder – adds a new folder at top level of Repository
  • Delete – deletes the currently selected folder


If you are using a SQL Repository you can right-click on a report and select Manage... to view and manage the report's permissions, history, views (including live version), schedules and preview image.

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