Web Edition

FluenceXL Web Edition allows you to publish your FluenceXL reports to the web. It is more than just a publishing tool, it lets you organise your reports on the web and provides OLAP functionality in your browser - it is not just Excel running on a server…

Step 1. Design your report

Design your report in Excel using the FluenceXL add-in, visualise the data using In-Cell Charts and standard Excel Charting. Reports can contain grid and formula based report sections, use multiple sheets, and make use of standard Excel formulae. Both standard Excel Charting and In Cell Charts are supported for publication to the web.

Step 2. Publish your report

From within Excel you simply select the Publish option from the FluenceXL menu and choose the location on the server where you want it to be located… click publish and the report is published to the web.

Step 3. View the report in a browser

It’s as simple as accessing any web page, point your browser at the Repository and you’ll see the report as it appeared in Excel.

Step 4. Enjoy OLAP in a browser

The report isn’t simply published, it contains the OLAP functionality that the FluenceXL add-in has become renowned for. You can perform member selection and drill-down, all within the browser environment.

See Web Grid Features for interactivity provided on the web.