PowerPoint export

New in Version 9.1 for enterprise version you can now setup a workbook to support exporting to a PowerPoint file, this can be done interactively or via scheduling and supports multi-sheet printing.


Before a workbook can be exported to PowerPoint it has to be setup to support that in the Excel Edition.


You can enable the export in Workbook Options, under the PowerPoint tab:




For each slide that will be created in the presentation you need to pick the appropriate range in the workbook, the range can include charts and other FluenceXL objects. The cell content and formatting will be added as text and any other items will be inserted as images.

You can re-order the slides by dragging the icon:


Other options

Expand the slide to see additional options using the button shown belo:


Once expanded, the following options are available:

PPT export Slides option 2.png
  1. Use Slide Title - you can specify static text or a cell range to use as the slide's title, see templates for more information
  2. Resize content to fit space - by default the cells will be inserted to match the size in Excel, you can change so they are resized to fit the slide space available and optionally retain the aspect ratio



You can use any templates that have been setup in FluenceXLWeb to use as the basis for the presentation to produce.


Once a workbook has been setup the export icon will be available:



To make templates available to report builders to use as a basis you can put the PowerPoint files in:


There is an example template included as part of the standard install you can use as a starting point.

These are standard PowerPoint files that can have some specifically named layouts to use when new slides are created in the export. Any slides included in the file will also be included in the final PowerPoint with the additional workbook content added to the end.

There are 2 types of layouts within the master slide which are needed for the export and they need to be named accordingly:



This is for slides that haven't been setup to include a title, it must contain a "Content" placeholder that can be positioned and resized to the layout needed.



This is for slides that have a title set, it must contain "Content" and "Text" placeholders that can be positioned and resized to the layout needed. The text will be replaced with the slide title.

Any additional master slides will be included in the final presentation.


Once a report has been setup to support exporting you can select to render it as PowerPoint in the report scheduling setup:



PowerPoint exporting also supports Multi-sheet Web Printing, configure this as normal and then enable in the workbook settings



The following restrictions apply when using PowerPoint exporting:

  • PowerPoint does not support cell overflow so the original columns must be wide enough (or the cells merged) to display the full content on one line
  • Merged cells that span hidden columns may not show the content in the exported file
  • Drawing shapes are not included